Winter time.

This has been quite the experience with La Nina and her effects. WHERE IS THE SNOW!!! I don’t mind too much because I am a summer guy anyway, but I always tell people that I enjoy the summer that much more because I have to tolerate the winters in New England. In the mean time I have been filling up rooms and I am actually going to start to list properties for June 1st. By getting started with the rentals 5-6 months in advance, it will allow me the ability to focus my energy on other things when the weather allows it. Things like:

I also like to take on other projects like staining, painting, or maintaining a property.

Either way, this winter has been peaceful and I can’t wait for it to leave so I can get out there and get my hands dirty again!

-Tom Crossman-

Looking for an individual room/apartment

Crossman Properties now has rooms/apartment available. Three rooms in two seperate addresses have become available and they are certainly worth checking out.

Two rooms at 5 Eames Place in Amherst just became available and this is an ideal spot for a Graduate student and or working adult. It is nestled in a quiet neighborhood that is walking distance from town and bus stops. It is also in a neighborhood that does not have a lot of traffic. It is peaceful and serene and has room to garden when the weather gets nicer.

Another location close to the heart of town is 71 South Prospect Street. This apartment is walking distance to dining, shopping, and transportation. There is room to park in case you have a car, but there is no need to worry because it is so close to everything. On a one-way street that connects Amity Street to Northampton Road, this apartment is great because of its location.

If you are looking for a place, call now to book an appointment because these will not last long.



Welcome back students!

What a week! Well the kids are back, the roads are finished, and now we wrap up summer and prepare for the fall. Fortunately we haven’t had the cold nights yet, but they are around the corner. Work will be shifting from tenant search and placement to final mowing’s and fall clean-up. This time of year is always fun and interesting because of the changes that we see all around us. Those of us in the North East are very lucky to experience the change of season. One of the things that I always tell people in my travels is that I love the changing of the seasons, because without the cold weather that we have here, we would not be able to appreciate the summer as much when it comes.

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.  ~Albert Camus

Wow, what a last few weeks it has been!

Crunch time! September is just around the corner, and owners have been scurrying to get things done in time for the arrival of the students. This means that I have been getting phone calls at all hours of the day, and working from sun up to sun down! For those of you who know me best, you know that this is the way it has always been for me. I am just surprised how quickly it took to get to this point. I do realize that after September 1st comes and goes that things will slow down again, but man, what a ride it has been. I have been doing chainsaw work, landscaping, tenant screening, apartment showing, painting, and launching this new website. One of my assignments this week called for me to drive all the way out to Harwichport, in the cape, and prepare a home for sale. Hopefully everything goes smooth for the homeowners because I think it is a great house only 200 yards from the water.  Some days have been 10 hours, while other days are 13-15 hours, and I love every minute of it! I have been able to hit my monthly quota’s already and now I think it might be time to raise the bar a little bit. We shall see…

Welcome to Crossman Properties

Business is booming! Summer is coming to an end, but the work certainly does not seem to be. Special thank you to Carey Baker of Midnightsondesigns for getting the new web site off the ground and running. Who knows what the future holds now…



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