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I am interested to see how this plays out.

I just read a very interesting article through yahoo news. The article comes from, “The Atlantic Wire” and it had a really interesting story about what will be the new tallest building in the world. Here is the article for your enjoyment.

How to Build the World’s tallest Skyscraper in 90 Days


The closing remarks really fascinated me. “In theory, if a grocery store moves into one the retail spaces, you could be born in Sky City and never have to leave.” Can you imagine living your whole life in one building? I am also curious to see how they will act regarding their carbon foot print? Will they have renewable energy sources anywhere? Will they go with the best energy and use Geothermal, as well as supplement it with some wind or solar?

What will they think of next…?

We have a good problem, but it is still a problem.

I have to laugh, because I just brought this point up with some friends of mine, sure enough a few days later CNBC posts an article about it. The point I told my friends was that “We have a good problem, there is so much work right now that contractors can’t keep up with it. Those that have been searching for work are TOO busy. Of course, it is still a problem, because now people have to wait for the projects to finish up, and it interferes with their daily routine.” Sure enough here is the article the mentions the national trend that we feel on a local/regional level:


Take a moment to read it, and let me know what you think.

Stability? Good investments? Cash is king!

I just saw this report and I thought it is very interesting. I have been discussing this topic with friends and gained a better understanding as to what is going on in the world, and why people are acting this way. Unfortunately I view this as the rich getting richer! This is what happens when people see opportunity and seize it.


Click here for the report I am talking about.


I think this is a sign that some of the bad debts are coming off of the market and the market as a whole continues to gain health again. The Pioneer Valley has not experienced as much volatility as the rest of the nation but we are experiencing some strains. As long as places like the Chamber of Commerce promote business and Kringle Candle creates jobs the area should be alright.


I also have seen growth in areas like Easthampton on the business side, after watching what was done to the Eastworks building I hope that more and more buildings will be utilized in that way. Either way I confidentially think the worst is behind us.

Going green… with an old stack of Newspapers?

Yes, you heard right, newspapers. This week I have been fortunate to work with a company using a product called Cel-Pak. This is material developed by a company in Belchertown, MA called National Fiber, ( and the product is Cellulose insulation. Using recycled newspapers, and a fire retardant that also acts as a animal repellent, (no mice, no rats, no anything!) Cel-Pak can be installed into the wall cavities to provide a nice, thick, healthy, “green” insulation.


Imagine a newspaper that has been put through a shredder… then put through a shredder, again… and put through a shredder again and again, and then put inside your walls between the drywall and the sheathing, (outside wall). This product is brought in on pallets, and is wrapped in 100% recycled material. The product itself is 83% recycled because of the additive that makes it safe against pests and fires.


Going green feels great, what are you doing to go green?



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