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Crossman Properties now has rooms/apartment available. Three rooms in two seperate addresses have become available and they are certainly worth checking out.

Two rooms at 5 Eames Place in Amherst just became available and this is an ideal spot for a Graduate student and or working adult. It is nestled in a quiet neighborhood that is walking distance from town and bus stops. It is also in a neighborhood that does not have a lot of traffic. It is peaceful and serene and has room to garden when the weather gets nicer.

Another location close to the heart of town is 71 South Prospect Street. This apartment is walking distance to dining, shopping, and transportation. There is room to park in case you have a car, but there is no need to worry because it is so close to everything. On a one-way street that connects Amity Street to Northampton Road, this apartment is great because of its location.

If you are looking for a place, call now to book an appointment because these will not last long.



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