Going green… with an old stack of Newspapers?

Yes, you heard right, newspapers. This week I have been fortunate to work with a company using a product called Cel-Pak. This is material developed by a company in Belchertown, MA called National Fiber, (http://www.nationalfiber.com/index.htm) and the product is Cellulose insulation. Using recycled newspapers, and a fire retardant that also acts as a animal repellent, (no mice, no rats, no anything!) Cel-Pak can be installed into the wall cavities to provide a nice, thick, healthy, “green” insulation.


Imagine a newspaper that has been put through a shredder… then put through a shredder, again… and put through a shredder again and again, and then put inside your walls between the drywall and the sheathing, (outside wall). This product is brought in on pallets, and is wrapped in 100% recycled material. The product itself is 83% recycled because of the additive that makes it safe against pests and fires.


Going green feels great, what are you doing to go green?

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